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Best apps for event planners

Technology has made the task of event planning far easier. Choose the apps most suitable for your requirements and organize the best events!

From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we are constantly on our mobile phones. Every aspect of our lives is surrounded by various apps, and event management is no different. 

There’s an app to make every aspect of event planning easier, whether it’s managing logistics, deadlines, or attendee engagement. We’ve curated a list of the best apps that increase your all event management companies in India should use to increase their productivity as well as to manage end-to-end event planning.
Super Planner: This is a professional event management tool that helps you bring together every task. Its most useful features consist of calculators for venue capacity, catering, staging, projection, staffing, and dance floor. It is available for just 9.99$.

Eventzilla: Eventzilla provides a platform to endorse an event, sell tickets and manage the registration process. Tickets selling and can be quite a chore when you don’t have the luxury of such software. This app creates widgets, manages the list of guests and builds striking landing pages where guests sign up for their registration and reduce your workload. What’s more, is that this app is free of cost for free events, but you’ve to spend $1.25/ticket for paid tickets and 1.9% + $0.99/ticket for unlimited ticket types.

Explara: This is web software that helps create personalized apps around your event. If you’re looking for an app that replaces ten other apps, the good news is that Explara helps you build your app. Worry not; you don’t have to be a tech-expert to manage this. You can use it to create a fully exclusive experience for your guests to simplify the registration process, engagement during the event, and post-event accounts all in one place. You get a free 14 days trial version and have to pay 1.99% for using the registration feature. 

Eventbrite: This is probably the most popular app among event management companies in Punjab. It helps build pages for your event and can be used as a social network for event promotion. The best feature of Eventbrite is that it allows you to integrate your event page with Facebook, where you can market your event and allow attendees to buy tickets online. It’s also absolutely free of cost.

MagicPlan: This app helps you create a plan for your venue with minimal effort. You just need to click a few pictures, upload them to MagicPlan and it will take automatic measurements of the venue and draw a floor plan. It also costs you nothing.

Spotify: Music is an integral part of most events. Although Spotify isn’t an event-specific app, it can be quite useful for music streaming. You can use it to create a playlists to suit the ambience and play music for free. It is recommended to buy a premium plan worth $9.99 for events.

Technology has made the task of event planning far easier. Choose the apps most suitable for your requirements and organize the best events!

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