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Event management during and after covid-19

The pandemic has brought about a lot of uncertainties for event planners in the past year, but the road ahead is even more dynamic and exciting for the event industry.

The novel virus Covid-19 has severely affected all facets of our lifestyles- starting from our way of working to the way we conduct events. 

As most countries around the world went under lockdowns during the Pandemic, we started to look for alternatives to conducting meets, parties, workshops and other events from the comforts of our home. Virtual events and hybrid events came to our rescue. We saw gatherings of hundreds of people to witness the same programs through their screens from various corners of the world.

By the end of 2020, things have taken a new turn and the boundaries of our meetings have been extended. Restrictions have been lifted from gatherings of small groups of people. However, there are still rules to be followed while organizing large-scale events. This article from Zox international, the best event managers in Chandigarh, elaborates on some changes in the future of events after the Pandemic. 

Bigger venues, smaller gatherings: Yes, you read that right! To curb any possible outbreaks of the virus during your event, you’ll have to get used to organizing events at a bigger venue with a limited number of attendees. 
The number of people collecting at your venue has to be downsized to maintain the proper decorum of social distancing. Similarly, bigger venues will be needed for the essential extra-spacing required. Because of this change, Facebook has already cancelled any event gathering of more than fifty people before June 2021. 

Entertainment mediums: Since the venue sizes are upsizing and the crowds lessening, any event will surely have a lot of extra spacing. This calls for event organisers to strategize new plans that’ll bring about a lively environment amidst all the emptiness. You’ll probably need more performers for a dance or extra sound equipment for bands to ensure that all guests are engaged. 

Food and beverages: Food buffet are the most anticipated part of most gatherings. Guests look forwards to snacks breaks or post- event gala dinners. However, self-serving buffets in catering service can increase health threats. They would need to be replaced by seated dining arrangements with appropriate distance. As a result, the expense of food and beverages during the event will also hit the roof. 

Safety protocols: It is a given that extra-measures need to be taken by event organisers to ensure that the probability of contamination remains negligible. Registrations desks to limit the gathering, sanitaisation facilities at entrances and staff to scrutiny the crowds will have to be arranged, and activities will be organised keeping minimal contact in mind. 

Technology: Although technology has always been important for event management, after the Covid-19, its significance has skyrocketed. We already used smartphone devices to share event schedules, provide event-related news alerts and attend virtual & hybrid events. Soon, technology will be developed enough to create an augmented reality where events are projected in 3D scenes on our screens. 

The pandemic has brought about a lot of uncertainties for event planners in the past year, but the road ahead is even more dynamic and exciting for the event industry. Contact Zox International for the best event organisers in Chandigarh

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