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Conference and seminar planning made easy

Planning a seminar is not simple, especially in this pandemic. We often tend to miss out on something or the other. Zox International, your favourite event manager in Chandigarh.

The entire idea of conducting a seminar or a conference is to give away an idea or propagate knowledge to a larger mass and it is essential to present the same with great pomp so that it leaves an everlasting impression on the receiver’s end. Hence, along with the excellent delivery of your content, it is extremely essential to prepare a solid team to take care of the logistics meticulously for the seminar or conference to run smooth. 

Seminars are considered to be a vital start-up event in India. It is one of the many ways which can help start-up companies to expand their reach and ensure company growth, especially in India. Hence, it is important to present yourself in your best form. Here are certain steps one should ensure for conducting a successful seminar: 

1) Decide your goal– First, understand the purpose of your seminar- what do you want to gain out of this event. Likewise, set a target audience and send invites accordingly. 
2) Choose a date- It is advisable to set two dates- the original date of the event and a backup date, in case something goes awry. 
3) Chalk out a budget– Keeping your profit in mind, set an entry fee. List your expenses- the cost of the venue, food, advertisement and so on. It is always advisable to look for sponsors. However, if you are unable to decide on your budget, contact the best event planner in your contact- Zox International. 
4) Ensure a solid promotion– Promotion of a conference or seminar is vital to establish your brand and attract more and more audience. Make use of email advertisements, make a Facebook event, use paid ads and do not forget to go for social media marketing. 
5) Maintain Covid-19 Safety Measures– We are well aware of the adversities caused by the global pandemic. Hence, arranging for an offline seminar requires a keen eye on ensuring that all the safety protocols are being practised. Arranging for a hybrid seminar is in trend- an offline seminar with a simultaneous webinar of the same event. This not only cuts down your cost, but less audience will ensure more safety. 

Planning a seminar is not simple, especially in this pandemic. We often tend to miss out on something or the other. Zox International, your favourite event manager in Chandigarh, makes seminars and conferences easy for you. We promise you an event full of perfection. Leave all your worries and rely on us from booking the venue, arranging food and beverages, audiovisual settings to marketing and advertising, looking for sponsors, keeping a report of your budget and so on. Our team shall even help you decide on your budget, understand your requirements and accordingly provide various options to choose from, and will be on their toes throughout the event. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we make sure that all the safety protocols are followed. Contact us for arranging a budget-friendly and safe seminar for you. 

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