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Plan a surprise party with the help of event planners

ZOX International, an event organizer in Chandigarh, promises to make your surprise party a special event for you and your loved one.

Along with events that occur throughout the year, there are certain instances, in life, which are worth celebrating- a certain accomplishment, even a birthday or a simple gesture of gratitude, there is no excuse to celebrate in life. Such merrymaking is even more special when it is dedicated to a person of great value and even more exciting when we add a flavour of a surprise to it. What makes a surprise part special is the secrecy involved in the entire process, the thrill of not being caught, the excitement of its execution and the anticipation of an unknown yet expected reaction. 

However, throwing a surprise party isn’t easy, especially in this Covid 19 outbreak. Here are certain steps one must follow in order to successfully plan and execute a surprise party. 

Time and Date– the first and foremost requirement of party planning is deciding upon the date and time. The venue, caterers, décor, invites are set only following the date of the party. In case of a surprise wedding or birthday party, it is often advised to plan on a date that occurs before the actual date of the main event, to prevent suspicion and also magnify the surprise element. 

Plan a budget– Usually, the cost involved in planning a surprise party is lesser than the regular parties. The budget of surprise parties varies with the number of people invited, food, décor and so on. Also, there are certain ways to cut down on the cost- by arranging for light snacks instead of a four-course meal, using a décor focal point instead of elaborately decorating the entire venue and much more. 

Decide the menu and decoration– The heart of any party is its menu and décor. A surprise party usually requires a minimal menu and decoration. Contact us to plan on your favourite décor and menu. Reveal your secret to us- tell us what is in your mind, share with us your favourite flavours and we shall make your surprise party memorable for the rest of your life. 

Contact Event Planners– Event management companies in India are well aware of each nook and corner of their respective city and can identify which shop provides the best product or materials according to your budget and requirement. 

Zox International, an event organizer in Chandigarh, promises to make your surprise party a special event for you and your loved one. Our team holds expertise in chalking out a budget-friendly party customized according to your wishes. They utilize their creative skills and their beautiful images to design a fantabulous décor, finger-licking menu and unique fun games to make this party full of surprises. In this Covid-19 pandemic, we promise to keep your happiness intact. Maintaining the safety rules, Zox International ensure your safe health and everlasting smiles on our client’s faces. Contact us for further details. 

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