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Event organisers for decor trends 2021 in Chandigarh

If you’re planning an event in Chandigarh, hire Zox Internationals, the best event managers in Chandigarh to make your event the trendiest and to stand out from the rest.

The year 2020 brought wits itself a lot of trials and tribulations for the event industry. People were locked inside their homes, and any parties we attended were virtual events. 

As the year changed from 2020 to 2021, there was again a shift in the ‘new-normal’. Along with virtual events, we started going out and attending events in-person once more. With these change in time and policies, we noticed a transformation in the event trends as well. One of these major alterations was the change in event décor trends. 

In this post, we discuss the unique décor trends for 2021 that can help your event stand out from the rest, whether it’s an in-person, remote, or hybrid event. 

Outdoor settings for events: 
Although it’s not an ideal trend for events conducted in the colder months of January or February, you must consider conducting your program outdoor using space heaters or during the hotter months. This trend mainly owes it commencement to gathering guidelines of various states and cities. Many states still don’t allow more than a few people gathering in enclosed areas. Open venues provide more space and makes it easier to follow social distancing norms. 
You can use this opportunity to decorate your venue with stylish outdoor and rustic barn chic décor, which are always in trend. 

Bright floral 
Instead of the muted neutrals colours that were dominant last year, be ready to include some bright and floral designs to your event décor in 2021. Liven up your event with bright and cheerful colours. 

Tech as décor: 
Technology has always been trendy. However, since virtual events seem to be here to stay, 2021 has seen increased demands for technology to integrate them. Virtual or hybrid events are a part of all events to ensure safe and contactless services that improve and expedite guests’ experiences. 

Since technology is important for these events, they are now being incorporated to acts as décor as well. Whether you’re event organisers for birthday parties, or Roadshows, don’t forget to utilize this opportunity to increase the aesthetic of your venue. 

Natural elements: 
We are moving towards a more sustainable future, and natural elements are a crucial part of it. Include some floral arrangements, or topiaries and textures to your décor venue, and move away from artificial plants. 

Go big on decorations: 
Since social distancing brings with it larger venues and smaller crowds, use decoration to fill up the extra space. This gives your venue an intimate feel while maintain the proper Covid norms. Use bold pieces of décor so they’re visible onscreen in hybrid or virtual events, but not too overwhelming so that they don’t undermine from your demonstrations. 

These are some décor tips that you must follow to stay in trend in 2021. If you’re planning an event in Chandigarh, hire Zox Internationals, the best event managers in Chandigarh to make your event the trendiest and to stand out from the rest. 

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